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End-of-tenancy cleaning

End-of-tenancy cleaning, provided by Super Smart Cleaning Services in Hayes, is the ultimate solution for tenants and landlords alike. When it’s time to move out, our specialised service helps ensure the property is left in impeccable condition.

Attention to detail

Cleaning materials supplied

Instant quote

Thorough cleaning

Our experienced team will conduct a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of every nook and cranny, from top to bottom. We will pay meticulous attention to detail, addressing areas often overlooked during routine cleaning, to ensure that the property is spotless and ready for the next tenant. Our end-of-tenancy cleaning not only meets lease agreement requirements but also elevates the property’s appeal, leaving both tenants and landlords satisfied. Trust Super Smart for a seamless transition and a fresh start in your new space.

person cleaning the outside of a glass door

Reclaim Your Full Rental Deposit

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service, approved by Hayes’s landlords and leading letting agents, ensures your rented property is left spotless.

  • 100% Guarantee for 7 days, with a free return option

  • Standard inclusions: Cleaning of the oven, fridge, and washing machine

  • We supply all the necessary cleaning materials and equipment

  • Free disinfection and antiviral treatment

  • Last-minute bookings are available

  • We use professional cleaning materials

  • Count on us to assist you in getting your entire deposit back

Cleaning Materials

Step 1

You can receive an instant quote online or by phone, tailored to the property’s layout size and condition.

Step 2

Ensure your property is ready by removing personal belongings and defrosting the freezer at least 24 hours in advance.

Step 3

Leave the rest to our cleaners, they will meticulously follow a comprehensive checklist to prepare the property for the next tenants.

Step 4

You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your landlord or estate agent. The final step is to successfully pass the inspection and secure the return of your deposit!

  • How much does a professional end of tenancy cleaning in Hayes cost on average?
    The average cost of our tenancy cleaning is determined by: 1. Property Size, specifically the number of rooms. 2. Property Condition, with consideration for extreme neglect in rental properties.
  • Do I have to pay extra for any congestion charges or parking fees?
    The sole additional charge that may be incurred in addition to your move-out cleaning service relates to parking. Our team will make every effort to find a free parking spot. However, if one is not available, we may request that the customer provide a parking permit or cover the parking charges during the service. If the property is located within the congestion zone, the customer is responsible for handling the associated charges.
  • What are the guarantees that professional property cleaning will restore the property up to the standards?
    Our tenancy professionals adhere to agency-approved checklists for cleaning your rental property, ensuring that every area of your accommodation is cleaned to the highest standards before your move-out. This meticulous approach guarantees that you will receive your security deposit back.
  • How many cleaners will you send?
    The end of tenancy cleaning teams can consist of up to 6 technicians. It really depends on the size of your rental property. We can send as many cleaners as necessary for the timely completion of your lease end service.
  • Can you perform the service while I am away from the property?
    Yes, you’ll need to arrange for key pick-up.
  • What happens if the team misses something?
    While it’s highly unlikely that anything would be missed during the initial service, please be sure to inform us within 72 hours if there are any concerns, and we will schedule a re-clean of your rental property.
  • Do you clean the oven?
    Certainly, professional oven cleaning is included in our post-lease service. We thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the oven.
  • Do you clean blinds as part of the service?
    Yes, fabric blinds will be vacuumed, while metal blinds will be dusted as part of our cleaning service.
  • What are the end of tenancy cleaners’ work hours?
    Feel free to contact us anytime. However, please note that the earliest we can begin your end-of-lease cleaning is 7:00 am, with the latest starting time typically around 4:00 pm.
  • Do you provide the cleaning materials and equipment?
    Our tenancy cleaning team will arrive fully equipped with everything needed to complete the service before your move-out date.
  • Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance?
    For optimal results during your move-out cleaning, please remember to empty and defrost the fridge/freezer approximately 24 hours before the service starts. If the fridge/freezer is still frozen when our tenancy cleaners arrive, they may not be able to clean it thoroughly.
  • Do you clean windows from the outside?
    Certainly, exterior window cleaning is not part of the standard end-of-tenancy cleaning service. If you wish to add exterior window cleaning, it will be billed as a separate service. However, you will be eligible for a preferential discount when including it.
  • Do you clean carpets and upholstery?
    Our service encompasses vacuum cleaning for all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture. If desired, you have the option to include deep cleaning of these items for an additional cost.
  • Do you charge by the hour or per job?
    Our service is priced per job, which means that our move-out cleaners will remain on-site until the rental cleaning is completed to your satisfaction. The cost is not determined by hours but rather by the thoroughness of the end-of-tenancy cleaning.
  • What happens if a cleaner damages something during the service?
    All of our move-out cleaners are fully insured, so you will be appropriately compensated in the unlikely event that such a situation arises. However, you can have confidence in the careful and diligent approach of our technicians, reducing the likelihood of such occurrences.

Do you require affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning services?

Contact Super Smart Cleaning Services in Hayes for assistance. We also do regular housekeeping and deep cleaning.

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